If you’re new to the Exumas, get ready for an amazing experience! We created this list to assist visitors in making the most of their trip, assuming you’ll be starting your journey from Staniel Cay. You might want to explore why Staniel Cay is an ideal starting point for your vacation. We cover the wholeContinue reading “EXUMA HOT CRUSING SPOTS ON THE MAGIC BUS”


Full disclosure I do get paid to sell marine accessories to boat builders and distributors, but when luck will have it, I also get to use these products in real the real world.  What I’m sharing here are some items in the company quiver that I absolutely loved onboard our own boat SV Magic Bus.  So, I’llContinue reading “REP REVIEW – SHAKESPEARE STREAM”

Kiteboarding for Cruisers in the Exumas – Map and Notes

We spent December and January cruising the Exumas in the Bahamas looking for the very best kiteboarding spots. Here’s a list for those of you looking for a few great all around beaches. Our criteria included good access to a close anchorage, shallow to waist deep water with clear wide beaches for easy launches andContinue reading “Kiteboarding for Cruisers in the Exumas – Map and Notes”

Special Guests!

If you’re with me here on island time… a post about Christmas… completed before New Years… is actually pretty darn quick.  My computer keyboard just reminds me too much of how we’re headed back towards work… and there are just NO WORDS to describe the experience Lily and I had off a little sandbar inContinue reading “Special Guests!”

10 Rounds in the “Story Quiver”.

Don’t you just hate it when someone writes… “Sorry I have not shared much lately but here’s 100 pages summarizing my world since I last caught up with you.” And while I’m on the dislike rant (channeling my inner Colby), I’ve always felt social media has robbed us of some of the best things aboutContinue reading “10 Rounds in the “Story Quiver”.”

The Bus starts here.

It’s always been an idea, one of those imaginary notes just sitting on the corner of my desk, popping up into brief daydreams every now and then… and while the spreadsheet said it was possible… the years would tick by eventually conceding the thought to nothing more then a fantasy bookmark for another time. WhileContinue reading “The Bus starts here.”