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It was worked out that it was more cost efficient to make a full female mould and take four products from that instead of building four custom boats which each had to be faired and painted. There would be the added advantage to take more boats out of the mould if there would be more interest in this design or to sell on the moulds in the event a multihull production yard was interested. The cost saving of this was initially not taken into consideration, but simply marked as an added bonus to the four investors as the building of the four hull and decks was more cost efficient in any event going this route.

As it turned out one more boat was taken from the moulds before it was sold to “Voyage Yachts” making it an even bigger cost saving than originally expected.

The final boat was made into a 54′ with a substantial payload. It’s sailing characteristics are good with a well balanced helm. When kept light high speeds are possible while at full load (20 Tons +0) the weight can be carried comfortably with a performance level lying at roughly half of the true windspeed. This fits in with the target for the design where we aimed at the possibility of daily runs on Ocean crossings between 200 and 240NMa day in average Trade Wind conditions. (16 to 20 knots of wind).

To follow are some of the different lay-outs and rigs built for this design as well as a Polar Plot showing the performance potential of the boat in light condition.

The photographs show a tank test model of a 60′ catamaran design where we are doing further development work on pushing payload and interior volume matched with good performance.

– Alexander Simonis

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