Kiteboarding for Cruisers in the Exumas – Map and Notes

We spent December and January cruising the Exumas in the Bahamas looking for the very best kiteboarding spots. Here’s a list for those of you looking for a few great all around beaches.

Not a bad set up. New Year’s Day 2021!

Our criteria included good access to a close anchorage, shallow to waist deep water with clear wide beaches for easy launches and landings, and at almost all you could kite from over 200 degrees wide as long as the wind was up. If you have a favorite that we missed feel free to mention it below with a pin and a note or two and we will look at it.

Google Map Link – The Best Spots for Kiteboarding in the Exumas Bahamas

15 year old Dylan getting in ride…

We’re open for future kiter specific cruises in the future. We have 4 queen bed cabins – each with private heads. Our captain is a certified kiteboarding instructor too… Send us a note if you might be interested in more details.

2 thoughts on “Kiteboarding for Cruisers in the Exumas – Map and Notes

  1. I would love the bedroom and the cruise…but I think you would have to carry me on your back to kite board😅

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