Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Dreading the fact we are headed back towards Florida within the next week or so. I am IN LOVE with my new home. Waking up to the most beautiful sunrises, watching the sunset and gazing at the stars for hours. I’ve learned so much from taking this leap away from the real world. Mostly about myself but also that a lot of people are jealous of us. Wish you all could be here with me! 🙂

Highbourne Cay Marina had a book nook full of books left by sailors, for sailors. If you take a book, you leave one. Dylan and I snatched 3 books and have almost finished all of them. I really enjoy reading actual books that you hold in your hands instead of electronic versions, it brings to me such a sense of relaxation. If your looking for a good read, would definitely recommend “The Girl on the Train.” I haven’t finished it yet, so don’t spoil anything for me please!

Made a big jump from Allan Cay to Spanish Wells yesterday. We covered around 65 nautical miles in about 8 hours. A little bit of a slow journey, but very beautiful to say the least. We went through a forest of coral heads early in the trip, we all had to sit watch on the bow and make sure we didn’t hit one! That was pretty cool.

Got into Spanish Wells early enough to visit a beach with baby pigs, ducks, turkeys and sting rays! A weird combination, but they were all very friendly. Yet again, another beach we had entirely to ourselves. Such a weird feeling.

Dad and I headed into the marina this morning to unload trash, fill our empty gas tanks for the dinghy and find a wash & fold for some of our laundry. Dad talked with the dock master to see how the haul out process works as we were considering hauling to fix some of the damage on one of our keels (we may have scraped a rock in the early part of our trip.. whoops). With little availability, we decided to wait to haul until this spring.

This afternoon, Dylan and I went wakeboarding. Dylan’s skills are much better then mine because of his kiteboarding experience, but I was happy to get up and give it a go a few times! Saw some dolphins in the distance when we got back to the boat. It’s become normal to us to see dolphins, turtles and sting rays. I definitely love this new normal.

Sunday Waffles returned later this evening and Dylan and I are super excited to spend some more time with them this week! They are hauling there boat to get some fiberglass work done, so we’ll both be spending the week around here which will be so much fun (we are waiting out a front coming through this weekend before we cross back to Key Biscayne).

Sorry for the long post, felt like I needed to catch you guys up! Hope everyone is safe and healthy, thanks for continuing to follow along! Talk soon.

7 thoughts on “Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

  1. Lily. Love your posts. They are never too long, and truly enjoyable You and your family are truly blessed with this adventure ⛵️. Thank you for sharing this awesome journey ❤️

  2. Love hearing about all your adventures. Keep the stories coming. Continue to enjoy every moment and have fun with your friends. Love and Hugs Always

  3. Good Job Lily love hearing about your adventures. Have a fun week with your friends and a safe crossing♥️♥️

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