Goodbye Exumas

“What does that noise mean?” is a popular line I here mom yelling as we are sailing along. I’ve also heard “Should I put my lifejacket on?” a lot.

Boat finally starts to feel like home. Still lots of projects (boats have never ending projects) and daily maintenance i’m more then ok with. I started reading for the first time in a while and am about 2/3 of the way through “The Girl on the Train.” I’m really enjoying it so far. Hoping to finish it and then watch the movie.

We stopped at Highbourne Cay for some diesel and stocked up on provisions. Mom did us well and found some chocolate ice cream that Dad and I have been craving for a while. Along with some chocolate chips to make cookies. Needless to say we are happy as can be.

Saw a few turtles on our passage North today, they are so cute. Definitely my favorite marine wildlife i’ve seen this trip.

Headed to Spanish Wells tomorrow morning, going to be a long trip. Should take us most of the day. Our friends from Sunday Waffles needed to make a turn around and luckily are also headed to a marina at Spanish Wells!! Need to get there boat hauled for some work. Hoping to catch up with them again for a little bit.

Although I would literally stay here forever, I am excited to be home and get back into my busy daily routine. Remote online classes for most of the weekdays, Zoom workouts with the sailing team and lots of homework. Believe me, Biology majors get way to much work.

If you read this far, thank you I appreciate you. Hope to talk soon.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Exumas

  1. We are not home, just headed North of Exumas. Home is currently High St. in Noank! We are renting there.

  2. Wonderful to read all your postings. Enjoy the chocolate ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. So happy you are seeing so many beautiful turtles and amazing wild life. Good you might see your friends. You are Awesome doing your school work and workouts on the boat. Love and Hugs Always 💕💕🐶🏖⛵💕💕😘

  3. Lily you sound like you are at home on the boat. I hope you see your friends, but sorry to hear about there problem. Love you and miss you ❤️❤️❤️

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