Special Guests!

If you’re with me here on island time… a post about Christmas… completed before New Years… is actually pretty darn quick. 

My computer keyboard just reminds me too much of how we’re headed back towards work… and there are just NO WORDS to describe the experience Lily and I had off a little sandbar in Georgetown.  Cheers to my new business partner 😉 Jonathan at DaSandBar.com for pointing us in the right direction.  (Seriously, fly into Georgetown. WhatsApp him at 242.816.6267 and book a ride out to the flats for the best kiteboarding-picturesque-and-private beach scene you will ever find, kite, swim, sun, or just sit along side DaSandBar and have a few cold ones, when he says “there they are”… start walking. A REAL million dollar experience for $100 (depending how many beers you have)).

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