Rainbows of Blue – By Cindy

I never knew blue could be so many colors. Just when I think the water can not get any bluer – we turn the corner and it does. The contrast with the white white sand and coral is truly brilliant. I wish I could bundle up just one small patch and place it at home in CT.

We are learning coral is beautiful but not a place to grow a garden. We are missing our fruits and veggies. Dylan said he has scurvy. Lol. He is my veggie eater. To get a head of lettuce is like winning the lottery. Our visit to the market was eye opening. They are stocked once a week. We left with a full cart but no bananas- chocolate or milk (cold milk) in the whole store.

We reached Georgetown for Christmas (our goal) and now after spending some unforgettable time their we are heading back north through the islands planning on stopping at a few we missed on our journey down.

Yesterday we stayed at a dock at Great Exuma – Emerald Bay to spend the night protected out of the wind. I think this was the third dock we stayed at. To be honest feels odd. We did capitalize on free laundry, WiFi and were able to watch the Bills game. This property is next to the Sandals Resort. While checking out at the front desk- the lovely lady Erika told me Sandals plans to reopen in February. She said it’s been so hard on the employees not to be able to work through Covid. At the same time a captain of a private yacht walked in to speak to Erika. It is a strange feeling to be that close to anyone else.

Everyone hear is SO respectful of wearing masks and sanitizing. Anyway this captain was very kind but assertive. He needed to get Helium to the island. He spoke about renting a boat to go to another island to pick up a tank – the cost did not matter. After he left I asked my new friend Erika what he needed helium for? She said for his owners requests for New Years – balloons! How could a conversation go so fast from one extreme to the next. We were just talking about employees hardship not being able to work and now a bottomless check book to get helium- for balloons of all things. Doesn’t he know how terrible balloons are for the environment. It’s not just the movies -people (many people) do live like this. I walked down the windy dock thinking how screwed up this world really is.

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  1. GREAT hearing about your trip and knowing some day you will change the habits of the world for the better. Love and Miss you ❤️❤️❤️

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