Headed North

Down the Exuma chain of islands we went, back the other way for now! Really dreading the fact i’ll soon be sitting in Noank watching the snow fall out of my new bedroom window as I continue online college soon. Looking forward to living on the boat again this summer though in Stonington Harbor!

Honestly, I have ran out of things to talk about. Every day tops the last, warm weather.. sand bars that last for miles.. swimming with dolphin.. playing 4 holes of golf on Christmas.. but on a sand bar. So many stories and memories i’ll never forget. Sure every day we have some fun, there definitely have been days I don’t enjoy though. The family has spent a lot of time together the last few months, and it’s beginning to show. Oh well, still wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I cannot stress enough the amount of plastic we have found on the many beaches we have visited. “I can’t hold anymore” was something I never wanted to hear from my dad as we walked the beaches, picking up as much as we could. If you can’t tell already, I am so passionate about protecting the environment. It’s our home, shared living space, and my playground. Sailing, skiing, kiteboarding.. none would be possible without our beautiful planet. I hope one day we wake up and find a solution to a problem that’s only going to continue to get worse. I yearn for the day that I can show my kids what a clean environment looks like.

What do you want to hear more about? Leave me a question or comment below. That’s it for now, talk soon.

9 thoughts on “Headed North

  1. No special plans for New Year’s eve. Yes! We were able to see the Christmas star!! It was very clear and bright down here. Love you tons and tons 🙂

  2. Hi Lily, So good to hear from you. Love all of your adventures. Please tell us about swimming with the dolphins. You definitely will be a part of finding the solution to cleaning up the plastic pollution. Love and Hugs Always 💕💕🏖⛵🐶🐬💕💕😘

  3. I look forward to your posts. Enjoy your warm weather and awesome experience ⛵️
    Cold and wind are predicted here thru New Years Day. Do you have special plans for New Years Eve? Were you able to see the Christmas Star December 21st. It was too cloudy here for us to see it.
    Sending lots of Love and Hugs
    Aunt Anna

  4. Hey Lily, tell us about your favorite spot and/or your favorite experience on your trip.

  5. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! We love it & would happily read 10X more posts!

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