2020 Recap

I would like to preface my blog post with a sorry to all my fans (not even sure anyone is actually reading this). I should have wrote more in the past few days but we have been busy! One island to the next, beach after beach.. I don’t think I could honestly tell you what day it is.

Mom pulled out the mini 🎄 she brought from home and it dawned on me that it’s almost the end of the year. Sure 2020 has been filled with many lows, I want to highlight some of the positives.

• January – Did some skiing with the fam, always a good time.

• February – Committed to St. Mary’s College of Maryland! And skied a lot more.

• March – Ski Weekend with so many of my friends up north! Just before the virus sent us home (literally had to leave cause the mountains shut down).

• April – Celebrated Dylan’s 15th and stayed active with Sailing Performance Training.

• May – Learned a ton from professional sailors via Zoom, said goodbye to my pink C420.

• June – Family prom, Graduated high school!, Welcomed Boomer to the family and took up Laser sailing

• July – Family fun at Block Island with Boomer, Started coaching at Niantic Bay (I look forward to returning as an instructor next summer!!)

• August – Sailed with my friends to Block Island, STARTED COLLEGE ON MY BIRTHDAY! 😆

• September – MudRatz Dark Program (aka my favorite program ever)

• October – Took Chandelle for a ride on the lake, did more sailing at night time

• November – Said goodbye to Fair Haven for a while, bought SV Magic Bus!!!

• December – Officially closed on the house (😭), cruised the Bahamas with my day ones.

I’ve had a lot of change in my life these past few months. If I could give you one thing I’ve learned it would be this. The place, the venue, the amount of money you spend, the time of day, none of that matters. What matters most is having people who love and care for you by your side, always.

I look forward to living every day to the fullest.

That’s all for now, talk soon.

10 thoughts on “2020 Recap

  1. Lily, you are doing a wonderful job with your posts and I really enjoy reading them! I am so very happy with your family’s decision to take on this adventure; it will be way more than you ever anticipated!! Tons of love to you and all the Flacks!


  2. Merry Christmas to the Flack Family! Great post, Lily, what a year!!! I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventures. Also, the pictures are all amazing but my fave to date is Cindy sitting on her own tiny island beach solo-glorious! Her post also made my chuckle as I could hear her voice and imagine her facial expressions. Can’t wait for the stories “live” in 2021. Hugs, Melissa ❤️

  3. Loved reading this. Yes, loved ones are important. Keep living the good life.
    Merry Christmas. Hugs and kisses to all.

  4. Thanks Lily for your positive post. Always so good to hear from you. Yes, even with the struggles of 2020, we all have so many things to be thankful for. Love you with my heart. 💕💕🏖⛵🐶🎄💕💕😘

  5. Thank you for the share and may you all have a wonderful Christmas day in the Islands! Cheers

  6. Love to you and your family. This will be a very special Christmas for you sharing this wonderful adventure together. Sending you all wishes for smooth sailing,happy holidays,and a blessed new year.

  7. Lily. Love your thoughtfulness and thankfulness during a very difficult time. You have had quiet a year. I’m truly blessed to have you and your family a part of mine . We love you to the moon and back. Aunt Anna

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