Settled in – by Cindy

More and more we all seem settled in. It is normal now to pick up my phone maybe once a day to check in with family and friends. Social media is not important to me at all. I can literally stare at the blue water all day and can be fully amused. Captain has lightened up too and started to enjoy some R&R. He has been adding to his resume on how to fix things he has never fixed before. Glad he has got some kiting boarding in. It does not feel much like Christmas but we put up our tree last night to remind us it’s right around the corner. This morning we are waking up at Iguana Beach, a preserve. Not a reptile fan but will get close enough for a glimpse. Headed to Farmers Cay tonight and boys hope to stream the Bills game. If not they will have to wait to watch in reply. I am grateful got our adventure but can’t help to think of all the nurses and doctors working so tirelessly at home (especially my favorite Dr.Steph) sending you all love and strength through this last push to the end of this Covid marathon.

5 thoughts on “Settled in – by Cindy

  1. Have fun at iguana beach. Glad you are all settled in. Happy Brandon got some kite boarding in. All the pictures are amazing! There are no words to describe the pictures and your adventures. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. Love you all so very much! ♥️♥️🏖⛵🐶♥️♥️😘

  2. We are enjoying your photos ⛵️and posts. It is bitter cold here. With over a foot of snow for us to enjoy ⛄️

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