10 Rounds in the “Story Quiver”.

Don’t you just hate it when someone writes… “Sorry I have not shared much lately but here’s 100 pages summarizing my world since I last caught up with you.” And while I’m on the dislike rant (channeling my inner Colby), I’ve always felt social media has robbed us of some of the best things about being social! For example: travelling to regattas used to mean catching up with friends we had not seen for a long time. Now, ASM (after social media), rather then share some great escapade with Joe Bob (that was a killer top 10 highlight of my last year) it was like “hey, I saw your kid is now eating whole cheerios.”

Whatever.. so what-I’m-a-gonna-do-a is just write the titles of the 10 posts I should have written and when we meet up in person again someday, boom… I’ll have a quiver of new stories for ya. So here goes…

  • Burying the dog and walking out of the family house for the last time.
  • 27 Hours of family bliss during a pandemic road trip and how The Bassett stole the whole back seat.
  • Day 3 and We’re Sinking! – at the dock (aka “no shit there we were”)
  • The time we took 2.3 TONS of who knows what off the boat (and raising the waterline 2”)
  • Selling 2.3 TONS to the toughest buyer I’ve ever sold to (plus meeting Charlie at Sailormon and hearing how Land N Sea was started (and selling our hosts anchor and cooler by mistake (see 2.3 TONS))),
  • Industry Rock Stars Flackathon – how Louis at Lewis and old friends at Dometic saved the day.
  • Iggy and the Engines -seriously if you need a marine diesel guy around Ft Lauderdale 786-282-7458
  • No Kidding this Stuff Works!?!  How Vesper, Shakespeare, MDR, Permatex, Camco, + tons of others do even more then what we market them as.
  • Hoisting, Grounding, Ripping. – The first sail, hitting bottom right off the dock, getting our act together and ripping (ok lumbering while seated at the galley bar) south to Biscayne Bay at 11 knots in 20k of breeze
  • We Must Be Nuts! Shoving off at sunset, crossing the gulf steam with my family, and dodging the graveyard of anchored cruise ships.
  • Case Study: How the The Bassett Hound acclimates faster than his humans offshore.
  • Keeping it Real: Sticking my whole foot in my mouth up to my knee by way of complaining about how much this trip costs, and being reminded by a friend that she would trade all the money in the world for one more trip with her love.

AND so dad… being a Kodak guy… always said a picture is worth 1000 words – so here’s a few images to tell the rest of the story so far… enjoy!

Magic Bus 2020 Bahamas Photo Log

6 thoughts on “10 Rounds in the “Story Quiver”.

  1. Absolutely amazing!!! Merry Christmas Flack family! Can’t wait to see and hear more about your adventure! Xoxo 💗🌴⛵️

  2. It’s not fun unless you have some stories in the quiver (or deep depths of depleted memory, take your pick)!

  3. Tour photos say more than 1000 words
    Looking forward to your stories of this awesome family adventure !!❤️❤️

  4. Love your blog. Keep the pictures and stories coming. Love and Hugs!♥️♥️⛵🏖🐾♥️♥️

  5. loved all the pics and am so enjoying following your trip online . You are living the dream for all of us.

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