Exuma Heavens

Since everyone else gave up on blog posts, I guess you’ll only be hearing from me for the time being.

As you already know, you need a negative test within 5 days of entering the Bahamas and on Day 5 once you are in the Bahamas. Both were negative for the entire family, so that’s some good news. So many of the cays we are visiting have not had 1 case of COVID yet. It’s such a weird feeling to walk around places with no virus.

We are currently moored at Waderick Wells Cay, a beautiful cay home to Emerald Rock Exuma Park. No anchoring, is allowed to help preserve the national park. Every morning I am greeted by so many nurse sharks swimming there way up current. Besides the tiny channel full filled with mooring balls, the rest of the cove is a sand bar. You can walk all the way across the 1/2 mile cove, in ankle deep water at low tide.

Dad, Dylan and I took our 2 paddle boards and went all the way to the other side of the cove to snorkel the live reef. No other way to describe it besides beautifully filled with thousands of fish. Although we saw so much wildlife, I was astounded at the amount of plastic and debris washed up on shore, and even tangled within the reefs. It’s so sad to see such a beautiful part of the world get torn apart by human behavior. I was able to pick up a few nets and old lotion bottles, but there was too much to bring back on my tiny paddle board. I hope someone else will follow in my footsteps and pick up some remnants too.

We will be staying here another day, hiking the scenic nature trails on the island and watching the fish swim by. Was very surprised to see 4 other boats in the harbor, that’s much more then we have seen in a while. So many nice people and beautiful places to be discovered. I’m so incredibly lucky. Talk soon.

10 thoughts on “Exuma Heavens

  1. Totally enjoying your posts. Your adventure is awesome
    Lots of snow predicted here later today
    I’m doing the happy snow dance
    For a day of baking

    Enjoy your awesome sunshine and weather

  2. I adore everything about what you guys are doing. Safe travels and looking forward to following your adventures.

  3. Exuma looks beautiful! Love hearing about all your amazing adventures. Love and Hugs to all!♥️♥️🏖⛵🐶♥️♥️

  4. Good job Lily, Exuma looks beautiful. Be careful of your new friends they look Scarry Love You♥️

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