New Friends

Got to meet some new friends on Highbourne Cay the past few days. Louis, the dock masters pet parrot was my favorite. He was so friendly and was an exciting greeting every morning at the dock.

Highbourne Cay is very small, with the island consisting of only the marina and resort. However, it is one of my favorite places i’ve visited. The people were so kind and friendly, everyone was extremely cautious with respects to COVID-19 (rapid 10 min tests when we got to the dock), and the wildlife was beautiful. There were so many sand sharks swimming right under our boat it was so cool.

Bike rides around the island to swings upon cliffs overlooking the beaches and snorkeling in coves with no one around were among my favorite parts of the stop. Oh, I couldn’t forget taking a real shower on land. That was nice too.

The beaches are just what you see in the pictures. They look like the pictures, feel like the pictures and are utterly perfect in every way possible. The sand is so soft and the water is so warm. It’s indescribable. Every time I set foot on a beach, i’m overwhelmed with a sense of fortitude. I realize over and over again how incredibly lucky I am to have this opportunity.

We are currently off a little cay about 30 minutes south of Highbourne. No people live here, just us and one other boat at the moment. Dad and Dylan got some well deserved kiteboarding in today while Mom and Boomer relaxed on the beach and I flew the trainer kite. Fingers crossed there will be another kiteboarder in the family by the end of this trip. Talk soon.

4 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. I’m overwhelmed with all your incredible adventures. So grateful for all your postings. Love and Hugs Always ♥️♥️🐶🏖⛵♥️♥️😘

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