Ranking by Cindy

If you watch the TV show Below Deck – this is not anything like it. I would compare some of our days more like the Amazing Race. Where we are racing to is beyond me. Our captain is always busy. This is the first sail on his new toy and he wants to know all the insides and outs and most importantly provide us hot showers and water each day. I missed the hot showers last two days. The kids are amazing crew. When I ask if I can help most of the time they all yell NO, not so much as they are being nice more in fear I pull the wrong line. I am pretty sure if we were on Below Deck I would be the crew down in the laundry room but I am ok with that because I am with my favorite people.

4 thoughts on “Ranking

  1. Best post ever! Jack wouldn’t want me to pull th wrong line either-hope you get that hot shower soon!

  2. Sounds like you are all learning with each day of your adventures. So glad you are all a wonderful team. Love and hugs to all. ♥️♥️🐶⛵🏖♥️♥️😘

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