Land & Sea

Woke up this morning to yet another 4:30 am role call to pull up anchor and move to a new spot. I feel like most of the time i’m the middle man in our family. I love the open ocean and sailing through huge waves (which we are currently sailing through now, about 6-8ft swells). However, I also love relaxing on the beach and seeing the other side of my family happy. I think you can tell through family dynamics by now who is happier sailing in the open ocean, and who is happier on the beach.

Dad is someone who can not sit still. Like at all. I swear the only time i’ve seen him not doing anything this trip is during the 1 nap he took on the beach, for 30 minutes.

Mom doesn’t realize it but she gets roped into whatever Dad says, and doesn’t stick up for herself enough. I think she likes the sailing aspect, but she would much rather be sitting on a beach 🏝.

Dylan is a 15 year old teenager who is basically angry at the world most of the time. He definitely would much rather be sitting on a beach somewhere though. Sometimes I think he would rather be home with his friends. I just don’t think he knows how lucky he is yet.

Boomer has no cares in the world except where he does his business.

And me, I love sailing and embracing the ocean but I also could use a little relaxation.


Currently we are anchored off of Rose Island, a little rocky island off the coast of Nassau. We spent the whole day on a tiny patch of sand with no one in sight for miles.

As I like to refer to myself as the organized one in the family (I think everyone would agree with me), I woke up and got a head start on laundry this morning. It’s a little different when your on a boat. Washing your clothes in soap, rinsing in a bucket of water and hanging to dry up and down the lifelines.

We plan to head further South tomorrow, talk soon.

5 thoughts on “Land & Sea

  1. When we are young and change our routine, it seems like a drag. Then we age and look at memories of adventures we made with special friends and family. Smiling at how lucky we were. Make those memories, life is precious and short. Safe sailing!

  2. Great pictures! Love your brilliant smiles and beautiful beaches. Happy beach time and sailing. Love and hugs to all. ♥️♥️⛵🏖🐶♥️♥️😘

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