The Sound of Sunshine

Woke up this morning to rain sprinkling through my hatch right onto my face (pun intended with the title but the way). It was a nice natural way of washing my face to start the day. I have the port forward bunk and Boomer’s little pitter patter normally wakes me up when he trots from bow to stern. I love to jump up and stick my head out the hatch, he comes running up to me to give me a big slobbery kiss on the nose. I absolutely love it.

We moved from Chub Cay to Little Whale Cay later yesterday evening. Dad got a little behind on the weather routing yesterday while we hung out at the beach and didn’t realize the “storm” coming through today put us in an unprotected anchorage. This being said, we motored about an hour east to a small private island that is very protected. There is no other boats in our anchorage, which is very cool. Just a few houses ahead as well as an air strip for private jets.

We have a small window of time when the wind is going to shift today when we need to move to another anchorage in order to stay protected from the waves. This “storm” is not much to worry about, just a few gusts to 30 knots that kept us from sailing to Nassau today.

I also forgot to mention that we are fixing the water maker and long story short I ran out of water in the shower last night and woke up with soap still in my hair. No complaints though, since no one but my family is around to make fun of me.

I will keep sending updates, talk soon.

3 thoughts on “The Sound of Sunshine

  1. Wake up Boomer kisses in the morning through your hatch is Precious. 😃Maybe the rain water coming through your hatch will wash the soap out of your hair. 😃 Glad you have options to stay protected during this rainy weather. LOVE AND HUGS ALWAYS ♥️♥️🐶⛵🏖♥️♥️😘

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