Crossing the Gulf Stream

I have heard a lot of stories and they were never good. Brandon shared a crazy story with me after his first Bermuda race and it was so scary and even made HIM say, “I think I have checked that one off the list. “ He apparently must think I have amnesia or he IS turning 50 soon so maybe he is getting a little fuzzy. There was some serious play down. He kept saying he needs to pick the right weather window and showed us lots of maps which meant nothing to me but the kids seem to understand. Well with lots of advice (thank you to all) – he picked a great night. Crystal clear, flat and no wind. Perfect for my first night off shore and first Gulf Stream crossing. As Miami was almost out of site I was starting to mentally get a little nervous. What will I focus on when I can’t see land? Well besides the handful of empty cruise ships anchored out off shore there was a beautiful moon peaking in and out. It worked just fine for me. If we were not on watch we all slept in the cockpit close to each other. Boomer snuggled in to and enjoyed the ride.

3 thoughts on “Crossing the Gulf Stream

  1. So happy you had perfect weather for your first off shore night and first Gulf Stream crossing. Yahoo!! Sounds magical!⛵😃👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️🐶♥️♥️

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