I am not a good cook – nor do I pretend to be. When I was given the job to shop and prepare food for two months on the boat my head was spinning. No Amazon prime, no Peapod and no mistakes – or I end up with grumpy crew to live with. Top on my list chocolate ice cream. My job was to just provision as Dylan wanted to be Chef. (Thank goodness for all) Before leaving CT Dylan and I bought all our meat at Westerly Packing and marinated and vacuum sealed (thanks to coaching from Taylor and Becca) Dylan made our family traditional Christmas dinner – homemade perogies! Thanks to Beebe and Peapa he is expert now. Next we packed the food on dry ice for our drive from CT to FL. The two coolers hung off our back hitch as we had zero room in the truck. And I mean zero! – Cindy

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