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The buzz of our adventure started to make our way around our circle of friends. All so genuinely excited for us but then there was the “question” and it was asked over and over …. Is Cindy ok with this? And if they were not asking it – they were thinking it. Lol. All of you that know Brandon this trip is no surprise – trip on a boat to an island in another country during a pandemic, sounds perfect. You also know it will most likely be a shit show (excuse the sailor language- but I AM on a boat) along the way but at the end of the chapter we will be looking at dad for the big win. I am in awe of Brandon’s motivation to work hard and play hard. Yes, a lot of the time this gives me grey hair along the way but I would not change it for the world.

So to answer that “question” – yes this sailor by marriage mama is all in. Hand me another rum drink!

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