Hey everyone! The trip has been pretty crazy so far, as I have been forced to cut my daily nap hours from 20 to 18. My family keeps running around trying to organize stuff while I’m just trying to sleep! Anyway I’m really excited to go to the islands, and they keep telling me how much I will love the Pigs. It took me a little while to learn how to use the bathroom on the boat, but my family was really happy when I finally learned! Overall, I am very happy about my trip so far, but o don’t know if I can go another 6 weeks with these people!

My paws are getting tired so I’m going to have to save the rest of the story for next time.


Boomer the Boat Dog

3 thoughts on “Boomer

  1. We have a fake patch of grass we put on the deck or trampoline of the boat. He does # 1 right on it and #2 pretty close 🙃 The patch of grass is tied onto the boat. After he goes we throw it overboard and hose off the deck.

  2. Hi Boomer. So good to hear about all your adventures on the boat. Love and Hugs.

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