It’s never felt so good to crawl into bed and write this post. 7 days of non stop work on this boat has felt like a lifetime. From selling our house to this, the month of November was a complete blur of work lists and endless projects I have no clue where the time has gone. I also cannot believe I already finished my first semester of college, crazy. I wish we could slow down and stop rushing everywhere. Most of the time I don’t understand why we are doing this. I don’t love change, and all of this at once was a lot to process for me. However, I continue to daydream of the day (soon) where we’re sitting on the beach with no worries.

T-5 days till we hit the Bahamas, as we just got word that we are all NEGATIVE for COVID-19. Better days ahead, talk soon.

2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. You all have worked so very hard. I know better days are ahead of you. Love and Hugs Always ♥️♥️⛵🐶♥️♥️😘

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