Go Time

The last few days have felt like a lifetime. Pretty sure I have made friends with the dump employees I have been there so many times. Since we’re finally moved out of our house, I think I can officially say with confidence we have a way to much stuff.

When it started to get dark (and much colder), we had to start packing the car. Leave in mind practically the whole floor of the basement needed to be packed into 1 tight space since dad was insistent on not bring a trailer. We threw the dinghy on top, loaded up the back of the pick up, all in about 4 hours time.

I managed to slip away for a few minutes during our pack up process. I knew dad would be mad at me, but that wasn’t my concern. Making huge life changes like this isn’t easy, especially for me. 15 years of memories were made in this house. When I slipped away, I immediately walked up to my room. I turned the lights back on and just stared into the emptiness. I started to look back on the years I spent in my room. Waiting to run down and open Christmas presents from Santa, doing makeovers for middle school dances and cramming for many tests to name a few.

I started to walk down stairs, but I didn’t quite make it. The tears started steadily streaming down my face when all I could think of was how this was really the last time I would ever call this place my home.

26 hours into our drive down South I still can’t believe this is all happening. I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes us, hopefully it’s all for the best.

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