The Bus starts here.

It’s always been an idea, one of those imaginary notes just sitting on the corner of my desk, popping up into brief daydreams every now and then… and while the spreadsheet said it was possible… the years would tick by eventually conceding the thought to nothing more then a fantasy bookmark for another time.

While quarantined inside over the winter pandemic, our daily escape was watching the beach cam during our “cafe mom” sit in family lunches. We all looked forward to spying on the lucky few beach walkers as they would leave warm tracks in the far away sand. Daydreams became conversations, and I started to ask the question out loud. Sell the house? No. I’m not one of those life dropouts that can just leave everything behind and go.

It all started innocently enough… one day the dumpster shows up and useless life clutter begins to wash away. Next thing you know the realtors sign is up and things are happening… A friend calls and the boat is found… The realtor calls and the house is sold…. Whoa… Dad’s is at peak mid-life crisis and the family needs to talk.

Procrastinating out of fear, it takes a few days to “find the time” for the conversation. Eventually we sit down and the “making a decision and living with it” with a little “life is short” speech begins to roll, but I have no idea how that talk ended… I remember collapsing to the ground… I remember clutching my chest as I could not breathe… Thank God I remember my family trying to console me in a pile of tears.

One of my all time favorite persons was gone, no more hugs, no more sideways grins, no more rockstar idol to live vicariously through. The news of Geoff’s death at that exact moment was almost like a cosmic dare… and there was not a soul in this world that could say, “no, don’t go”… “there will always be more time later”.

So now we’re closing on both the house and the boat. We’ve swung our compass around and dialed in on the sandbars of the Bahamas. Yes, this is happening fast… and no, I could not be more excited about it. Thanks brother for giving me the courage to remember this world is ours for the taking and that first step is not something to fear, but something to look forward to… and I know you will be right there with us.. cause now I’ve got my Magic Bus.

16 thoughts on “The Bus starts here.

  1. Congratulations on taking the first giant step!! Wishing you and your family an awesome adventure! Looking forward to your posts. Enjoy your Magic Bus ⛵️❤️

  2. Best of luck Brandon to you and your family aboard Magic Bus. You made a great choice to provide for your family while there is time to enjoy every moment. Keep in touch.

  3. Wow Brandon, Cindy, Lily and Dylan!!! Congratulations!! You will never regret this and I am SO happy for all of you. Live your life to the fullest and remember to write in your journal every night.

    Geoff would be SO proud of you and would be the first to say “Hell yea, get going now!” Enjoy exploring the world!!

  4. Sailing like life takes course changes, sail changes to counter the tides and wind shift of life, the crew, your tribe the family, help keep a mindful rudder, lifes infinite possibilities are out there for us all to explore, BZ for taking the tiller to the unknown with your crew… learning more,, meeting more,, experiencing more. Past crew members can bolster our choices, current crew members experience life through a lens not possible without you.. this a gift we can all give each other, so happy for you and tribe… life is a beautiful thing…

  5. So so exciting for all! Enjoy every moment of your awesome adventures on your Magic Bus. Love you all so very much. ♥️♥️🐶♥️♥️⛵🏖😘

  6. 100% yes. If it all goes to shit, you have less stuff to move and a fresh start anywhere. This is awesome. If you need equipment/sails/delivery crew, keep the warriors and the foundation in mind.

  7. Congratulations on a great life decision. Your family bond will strengthen and your list of experiences will grow. Please send photos of the bus

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