Here is the skinny… we are a privately owned, loved, and professionally maintained catamaran. Compare that with her sister ship in the charter industry, and you can get a feel for what our boat is worth on the open market. We choose to charter Magic Bus solely to keep her in Bristol condition for all of us to enjoy.

For the 2021/22 winter she will be based out of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, right in the heart of the Exumas. Our partners at Makers Air have just made one of the most remote cruising destinations in the world accessible in just under two hours from Fort Lauderdale. Your private plane can be pre-loaded with your whole vacations provisions at a fraction of the price normally found in the islands.


Likeminded partnership means… we never have the time to use our acquired toys, as we are just too busy, so agreeing to share the costs of something special, take good care of it, and always return her better then found… is who we want to share this yacht with.


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